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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tool 2: Building Community

As a counselor and just in general, I much prefer face to face, or, at the very least, voice to voice, conversation.  The idea of building community electronically is foreign to me.  My experiences with Facebook are limited, email is a chore, and I hate to text!  Stepping into the world of blogging is huge, and a bit intimidating.  I really resonated with the statistic that 90% of online community users are lurkers- I definitely fall into that category!  But, here goes!  I enjoyed checking out the other blogs in our community, and tried to make an original comment on the blogs I read.  Knowing that those comments are available for all to see definitely caused me to think twice about what I was writing, and to double-check spelling and grammar!  I'm hopeful that as I progress through the 11 Tools, I will become more comfortable with the idea of an electronic community.

In searching for blogs connected to my role as a high school http://hscounselorweek.com/counselor, I came across a couple of interesting sites that I believe will be helpful to me in my profession.   High School Counselor Week- http://hscounselorweek.com/ collects resources from a variety of different blogs and websites and reposts them here for quick access. It mostly focuses on content regarding finding, applying and appealing to the right college, which is a main focus of my work.  Admitted-http://www.nacacnet.org/PublicationsResources/Admitted/default.aspx- the blog for NACAC (National Association for College Admissions Counseling), an organization to which I belong, will also be a great source of information about the college admissions process.

Overall, I think completing the 11 Tools will stretch me and show me ways to use technology to not only connect with other education professionals, but also to connect with my students.

1 comment:

  1. You are such a reflective practitioner! Thankfully nothing will replace our human desire for face to face interaction over electronic.
    Do you lurk baking blogs? I know you enjoy cooking and I find that most blog reading is for pleasure.