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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tool 5- Web 2.0

I have enjoyed working with many of the Web 2.0 applications.  I have used Animoto many times for presentations and celebrations.  I decided to choose two that I was unfamiliar with- the first is Make Beliefs Comix.  In my work, I'm not sure how much I could use a comic strip, other than to add levity and to generate interest in different counseling and college topics.  The comic strip I created was about FAFSA.

One difficulty I had was that the comic strip is not saved, and I accidentally navigated away from the page after completing it the first time, and had to re-create it.  Also, I would prefer to have the image imbedded in my blog, but since you can't save the image, I only know to add the link.

Second, I worked in Mixbook.  This looks to be a great way to advertise things like college field trips and other events.  The mistake I made was to download a huge number of photos all at once, which made the download time very long.  Unfortunately, I could not delete any photos or move on until all were uploaded. So waiting....

I had a lot of difficulty uploading the mixbook into my blog- in fact, I could not manage to upload it into the body of the blog at all- after watching the help video about 5 times and working on just that one piece for over an hour.  I finally gave up and just uploaded it to to the top of my blog...the best I can do.

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  1. Sorry about that! You need to switch from Compose to HTML mode to embed the video directly into a post. Those two tabs are in the upper right corner of the posting window. It looks good where it is! For MakeBeliefsComix, you need to take a picture of the comic and then add it as an image! Over time, you'll learn these tips and tricks! Glad you persevered!