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Monday, January 9, 2012

Tool 4- In the Clouds

My exposure to Google Docs has been somewhat limited.  I've had documents shared, but I had not created a document until working on Tool 4.  I decided to create a survey we could use with parents and students who come in for a tour, something our team had already discussed.  I was surprised at how easy it was to work with the program, and was able to easily create survey.  One difficulty I had was that when I shared the survey with my team, what opened was the spreadsheet showing the results of the survey, not the form itself.  I then sent the survey to them for them to see, and then also sent directions on how to get to the form from the spreadsheet.  That part seemed a bit cumbersome.

I also created a fun survey to share with my 2 co-workers who are also completing 11 Tools.  I'm looking forward to getting the results of their surveys!

I am very interested in using the Google Form with students.  Each year we conduct a senior survey, that has traditionally been on paper.  I will make it a goal to try to complete the survey electronically this year.  Additionally, I think using a blog might be a good way to get information to students about scholarships, events, and deadlines.  I would also like to spend more time with Picasa to see how this might be helpful in working with pictures I've taken at Westchester.

1 comment:

  1. Try copying and pasting the link to the form and sending that to your co-workers. When you actually share the "document" it will share the spreadsheet because that is what is actually "created." The form is just a web interface if that makes sense. I would suggest that you link to the form from a web page or embed the form in a webpage for your prospective student survey.

    Glad you have found so many uses for Forms!